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Onу Touch Turn Signal LC-1.6

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Supply voltage
12 -16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 mA
All the features
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Device LC-1.6 is designed to enhance comfort when maneuvering, without being distracted by off button turns or emergency gang when thank or apologize.

This controller allows for short stalk touch turns to lengthen them to the programmed number blinks turns, making it easier to make the maneuver without being distracted by off turns. If before the end of the extension turns to touch the opposite rotation, extension work in the other direction. (in other words - "hazard" will not blink).

Now you can connect an optional extra - function "thank you" that you can activate additional button. For more details read the instructions.

Simplified procedure for programming the device. Now to change the settings do not need access to the device, enter the programming mode and self programming is done with the switch from the car.

- when the direction of turn turns off the previous, and included the opposite;

- under the nominal inclusion turns turns off immediately after shut off;
- when reversing switch hazard;

OTTS connects to stalk connector and requires no intervention in the wiring of the car, do not need to cut anything. Installation extension directly at the switch connector and if necessary can be quickly removed. When connected to the back lamp will require running additional wires.

How work One Touch Turn Signal OTTS LC-1.6

Instructions for setting up and connecting the OTTS module LC-1.6

Video. Programming and testing of OTTS module LC-1.6

Photo-Installation extension turns into a car Dacia (Renault) Logan. Photoreports Installation extension into other cars can be found in our forum.


Supply voltage
12 -16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 mA
Load current per channel
to 100mA
Operating temperature range
-40°C +50°C
Number of pulse function "thank you"
The number of pulses elongation
The polarity of the control output
The polarity of the signal Reverse
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