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In this category you will find products that make your car attractive and more likable, but they also do a better comfort while driving. Many motorists wipers instead of removing water only her smear. Clearly, this is not the best effect on traffic safety. Apply avtofishku - frameless wipers frameless wiper Advantages: more uniform cleaning edge pressing against the glass, thereby improving the quality of treatment; Aerodynamics (below traditional brush, thereby reducing the drag lift coming off the wiper from the glass, and even the level of wind noise); This brush is less susceptible to frosting that under our winters especially true; easy to clean, quiet and gently work.

GPS трекер маячок M25 для мониторинга и контроля транспортных средств 12/24В

CAR TRACKER / Light M25 Assignment tracker Calculation and visualization of mileag..


Сигнализатор включенных габаритов СНВГ-2

Сигнализатор включенных габаритов оповестит водителя об оставленных включенными габаритных..

6-16 V 20 mА discontinuous 1kHz


Сигнализатор включенных габаритов СНВГ-3

Сигнализатор невыключенных габаритов оповестит водителя об оставленных включенными габарит..

6-16 V 20mA tonal not documented


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