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Automatic shut-off device controlled by a radio alarm GAM-2

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Supply voltage
11-16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 uA
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And how are you connected to the radio? Or directly to the battery through the ignition switch? Did you know that these two methods are not safe.

Connecting directly to the battery deep discharge threatens long-term parking in the case or, for example, if the radio for quite forgotten ... And such cases, especially at picnics, was quite a lot. And radio operates in a closed car is unknown to anyone.

The second way - to connect through the ignition switch, also has a big disadvantage. Radio works only with the ignition key in position. The car with the keys in the ignition unattended will not leave...

We propose a simple but elegant solution to the problem - connecting recorder or other consumers to the vehicle battery only with the proviso that cars removed from the alarm. If the car is under protection, radio or other users will be disconnected. In realization of this idea will help automatic disconnection device radio controlled by signaling . Wherein the device in standby mode consumes just 5 microamperes This infinitesimal current car battery.

Consider how the device works. It's very simple. When we turn off the alarm, the device relay and supplies power to the radio. When we turn on the alarm, the relay automatically opens and de-energizes the receiver. Since the device is controlled by signals applied to the actuator (electric door lock), in many machines may happen: locks closed - cassette disconnected. That would not have happened in ustroysva have additional input - IGN, which is connected to the ignition switch. When connecting the device will ignore the command closing locks when the ignition.

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Supply voltage
11-16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 uA
Current consumption in operation
not more than 45 mA
Load current
not more than 12 A
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