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Delivery is subdivided into two types:

1) Shipping to CIS countries and Wrold

2) Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery in Ukraine

carried out by the purchaser transport companies

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Delivery is carried out during the Monday-Friday

This company delivers between their offices in different cities of Ukraine. Our staff will prepare the goods in a company warehouse and deliver it to the warehouse of the company. We are responsible for the goods only to the warehouse of the carrier. Payment for services associated with the transport and delivery of goods, as well as costs related to the return of funds in case of cash payments made by the recipient.


Shipping to CIS countries

Shipping to CIS countries is carried out onlyPost of Ukraine

that interacts with state-mail of the recipient country

Post of Ukraine

delivery times vary from 7 to 14 days (sometimes there are delays associated with the work address). Dispatch is carried out only on 100% prepayment Item

Within 3 business days after payment!

If you have any doubt, or lack of trust in us, read reviews about us in internet already or ask those who bought our devices, they will help you with prompt and.


Cost of one unit of commodity production "Auto chips"

according to the table

Shipping cost depends on the weight
Item Weight (gram) Shipping cost (U.S. dollar)
1-49 6
50-250 8
201-500 10
501-1000 21
1001-1500 25
1501-2000 30
2001-5000 40








devices with large dimensions are paid at single rate

Payment for services associated with the transport and delivery of goods, as well as costs associated return nalezhennogo payment provided by the recipient.

After shipping, we will notify the buyer in several ways:

- in response to a letter send your track parcel number;

- send SMS message with the track number to a specified number when registering;

- register track parcel number on the site Post-Tracker.ru and when changing status of your package to your email during registration comes with the status of sending a letter.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Track the movement of goods, possibly on the same site at this link

Tracking parcel