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One-touch turn signal module LC-1.8H

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5 or more - $16.00
Supply voltage
12 -16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 mA
All the features
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LC-1.8H device designed to increase comfort when you rebuild, without being distracted by off button turns or emergency gang when thank or apologize.

This controller allows for short stalk touch turns to do from 1 to 8 flashes turns (is programmed) independently, something to other road users see your maneuver. If before the end of the extension turns to touch the opposite rotation will work interception and extension to the other side (both rotation, ie the "emergency gang" will not blink).

It is also possible by briefly pressing the alarm button use the "thank you."

To program the device, do not have access to it.

Added LED display and the method of connection that avoids connection errors.

Retained the ability to connect to the back lamp to automatically turn on the alarm when reversing. Reversing the polarity - positive (+12 V)

The third version of the firmware opportunity to connect additional buttons to implement a function "Thank you", changed the algorithm processing pressing emergency gang, that was true for cars that button avriyki needed to overcome first, and then press.

One touch turn module connects the connector button alarm and does not require intervention in the wiring of the car, do not need to cut anything. Installation extension is made directly into the button and, if necessary, can be removed quickly. When connected to the back lamp will require the installation of additional wires.

Video how a function works "THANK YOU"

For some owners Chevrolet

How to program LC-1.4H(L) V3.0

Instructions to the device

Suitable for all cars that turns the relay set (eg, is
) controls the current to the central positive wire management "hazard" carried out a positive polarity (plus).



Supply voltage
12 -16 V
Consumption current
not more than 5 mA
Load current per channel
7 А
Operating temperature range
-40°C +50°C
Number of pulse function "thank you"
1 to 8
The number of pulses elongation
1 to 8
The polarity of the control output
The polarity of the signal Reverse