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GPS трекер маячок M25 для мониторинга и контроля транспортных средств 12/24В

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Assignment tracker

  • Calculation and visualization of mileage.
  • Revealing the facts idle transport.
  • Revealing the facts deviation from the assigned route vehicles.
  • Optimization of transport routes of movement.
  • Prevention of misuse of official vehicles.
  • Speed ​​control car.
  • Monitoring the battery charge.
  • Control the location of your car

GPS monitoring will help you

  • Detail display the actual route of movement of your vehicle
  • Accurately calculate the actual mileage and prevent the misuse of your vehicles
  • Control the speed of movement of your vehicle
  • Discover facts downtime and strayed your car and improve your traffic scheduling
  • Reduce the overall running of your fleet, and hence expenditure on fuel and lubricants
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • And remember where you were riding, if you suddenly forgotten :-)

Components GPS tracker

  • GPS Tracker
  • ID (Unique number of your device), login name and password to access the site system
  • Cable for connection to the power mains car length of 2 meters
  • (complete set GPS tracker is sufficient to install the device in the car)

Technical characteristics

  • Equipment dimension 65 x 50 x 17 mm
  • Color device black
  • Permissible supply voltage 6..30 В
  • Reverse polarity protection - Yes
  • GPS receiver L70, 66-channel
  • Modem: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • GPRS multi-slot class 10
  • Connecting a Microphone - NO
  • Connecting a camcorder - NO
  • Incoming call - NO
  • Voice - NO
  • The maximum radiated power of - 2 W (GSM900), 1 W (GSM1800)
  • Amount of Internet traffic (GPRS): 10-15 Mb in mounth
  • Internal data memory in the absence of the GSM network to 4 days
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 ... +85В°C
  • Complemented with a SIM card (for Ukraine)

Adaptive algorithm for saving data traffic consumed tracker

  • In a straight line - every 10 seconds
  • When turning - every 3 seconds
  • In the parking lot - every 60 seconds
  • When cornering, the data from the GPS tracker are preferentially transmitted to increase the accuracy of the computation path. At stops transmission is less in order to reduce power consumption.

Consumption tracker current when powered by 12 / 24 V

  • 12V average 25 mA
  • 12V Peak (pulse length 0.56 ms) 880 mA
  • 24V Average 12 mA
  • 24V Peak (pulse length 0.56 ms 440 mA

  • Measurements made ​​at work the GPS tracker in GSM900 network in poor reception, which corresponds masimalno radiated power modem.

Setup and firmware tracker

  • Tracker is supplied ready and tuned to work in the system monitoring and control of transport fuel
  • When replacing the sim-card tracker automatically accepts settings for the network of mobile operator
  • Tracker automatically updates the firmware via the Internet
  • Our GPS trackers are fully automated devices, so to get started with the system monitoring and control of transport do not require any specialized skills and knowledge to settings and firmware.

Operating costs for monitoring and control of vehicles

  • Connecting to the monitoring system - for free.
  • Using system monitoring - free.
  • Data services operator GSM - about 1 USD per month*.
  • The data obtained from the tracker is stored in the monitoring system within 12 months. During this time the data is available to view the full stories displacement information and reports the mileage.

The effect of the application of the GPS tracker in the monitoring and control of transport

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Optimization of transportation routes
  • Improved management of transport
  • Reducing the amount of misuse of transport
  • Reducing the cost of fleet maintenance costs and fuel and lubricants
  • Preservation of nerve cells - PRICELESS!

Note tracker M25 is not a device poluchaniya secret information, so there is no microphone in the tracker, and incoming calls the tracker does not accept.

Accuracy of coordinates in the GPS monitoring depends on the number of GPS satellites visible at the moment considering the terrain and urban density and is usually about 10 meters for civilian use. 
Just remember that the GPS satellite signals can not be heard or heard bad inside buildings and structures, making it impossible to determine the correct position of the device, so the movement control and accounting run in such conditions is impossible. For example, finding the car in a tunnel or underground parking, as well as in concrete garage boxes

How change APN point

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